We purchased a pie! Why, you may ask? (Or it may seem perfectly self-evident why pie is a staple grocery purchase.) Regardless, we did NOT buy it solely for the purpose of consumption (although that will most likely happen later). We bought it in advance of a photoshoot in which our cake toppers will star as PIE toppers! We’ve developed a simple little mechanism by which the topper will be able to sit on a pie without crushing it! It will be available very shortly in our shop as an add-on to our customizable and pre-made cake toppers.

I know, the wait will probably be torturous, but if you bear with us, we’ll have some eye candy from the shoot available in just a few days. For those of you hoping to have a pie-based celebration, we’ll have our sweet little add-on package available in our shop then as well. We can’t wait!

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Phantom Felt and Wire

These last three weeks might have been the most ridiculous of my life.  Right now, I am staring at the reflective (but scarred) surface of my coffee table for the first time in two months.  Today, we are sending out the last of our holiday ornaments!  We could not have predicted how much people would respond to them, and we’ve been spending hours and hours daily (in addition to regular jobs) cutting and sewing, bending and glueing.  It was wonderful, making little bird after little bird, adorning some with lettering for newborns or newlyweds, knowing that our little guys would be looked at year after year!  But now, we’re totally pooped.  We considered leaving the ornaments online in case some people didn’t need them shipped in time for the holiday, but when I suggested that to the hubby, all I got was a blank stare.  So we’ve officially begun our holiday Etsy-cation!  I keep expecting to find a piece of felt statically stuck to my clothing, or the dogs chewing on what should have been a twig for an ornament.  But they are all sent, and branches are neatly arranged for future projects, and felt is neatly folded in a drawer.  Bliss!

We are still working on cake toppers and other items, but the pace has slowed down significantly, and we’re excited to do things that normal people do, like read books!  And take our poor puppies for more walks!  And cuddle up to black and white holiday movies…cheesy…but maybe my favorite thing in the world.  Speaking of holidays, have you ever had hot chocolate with a mint teabag in it?  Perhaps the most wonderfully comforting thing on the planet.  There seem to be lots of superlatives this season, right?  I guess that’s why people go crazy for it!

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The Ladies and Gents of Infinite Wisdom and Support, Part IV

Part IV:  In Which We Decide to Play Fair on the Uniformity Front

I couldn’t bear the thought of trying to nail my triangular, square, pentagonal, star and otherwise beautifully-shaped ladies into neat little round pegs of bridesmaid sameness.  And when I read that bridesmaids traditionally used to dress identically to the bride to keep evil spirits confused about which one the soon-to-be-wed virgin was (evil spirits apparently love betrothed women), I realized there was no historical precedent that really mattered to me recommending that my poor ladies be stuffed into nonsensical, frilly, identical things.  So instead of picking a dress for my (not wealthy) buddies to purchase, I just picked a color and a length.  Yellow and to the knee.  Done!  It was amazingly easy, and allowed each lovely lady’s personality to shine through.  As a set, they looked stunning.

The Mr. did the same for his guys, although we had the bright idea that vintage brown suits are easy to find.  Joke!  Don’t even try it.  Or if you do, have a darn reliable vintage store in mind.  As you can see, not all are brown.  In fact, most are not brown.  But I really fell in love with the motley assortment of colors and styles.  It managed to reflect our taste (in the lack of conformity) and theirs each, simultaneously.  Love these boys.

And that concludes this novel of reflection on how to pamper and woo those who will do the bulk of the schlepping and escorting and mom-calming.  Hope you were able to find a gem in there to use for your own celebration.  And if not, hope you at least enjoyed the pretty faces of our superstars!

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The Ladies and Gents of Infinite Wisdom and Support, Part III

Part III:  In Which We Agonize Over and then Forget About the Details Until the Last Second

Because I make things like boutonnieres and hairpieces myself, it would have been just plain embarrassing to shop out the job.  No biggie, I thought.  Piece of cake.  Wrong.  Turns out when you are overconfident about something, it turns around and bites you in the you-know-what.  See that?  There’s me, bloodshot eyes at 2am on the day before our flight leaves for the East coast (Where the shindig was to occur), feverishly sewing and gluing and swearing.  I have nothing but thanks for the Mr., who cut out hundreds of tiny felt circles and didn’t make a peep.  Despite the eleventh hour, though, I was so happy with the results.  You may have already seen the extensive post about the boys’ boutonnieres, but here’s a refresher photo so that you can see how sweetly they match hair clips for the ladies:

And I can’t NOT rave about the amazing Etsy shop that came through for our ties (also discovered in a local shop but custom ordered online to get awesome colors and the perfect design).  Toybreaker is simply amazing.  For the rest of my life, I will buy ties from them.  In a world of department store ties with early-90’s school picture background motifs, Toybreaker is truly genius.  They have ties for topographers, chemists, robotics engineers, audiologists, anatomists, and, in our case, beer enthusiasts.  You heard correctly – Mr. LintandLavender was absolutely bonkers to learn that he could have a tie with BEER on it.  And I allowed it, because they were pretty:

So there you have it.  Barley, wheat and hops, in what might be the oddest employ they had ever considered.

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The Ladies and Gents of Infinite Wisdom and Support, Part II

Part II: In Which We Try To Find Traditional but Non-Traditional Thank-You Gifts

I’m not saying this because it’s been a wonderful venue for us, but because it has been a wonderful supplier for us as well:  Etsy is phenomenal.  I love shopping locally, but when I can’t find what I’m looking for, it’s amazing to have a handmade heaven at my fingertips.  We found these amazing duct-tape decorated flasks by jDUCT (click for Etsy shop) in an artisan shop in town here in Portland.  But with six guys to buy for, we had to jump online to find the perfect one for each dude (please excuse the less-than-debonair language):

There you have it: Bike S*** for the guy who spent his summer biking coast to coast, squirrel with a beer for the brother with a sense of humor, anatomical heart for the dude nick-named “Surgeon,” rainbow unicorn for the guy who would probably buy such a thing for himself, Martini-Flask for the one who constantly outclasses us, and “Not Milk” for the one who might have to be reminded of that.

For the ladies, I was looking for something beautiful but utilitarian, and settled on these awesome clutches from Yensew, who made custom gathered silk clutches with personalized notes sewed in to each one.  Her work was immaculate, and I stuffed each one with tissues, chapstick, breathmints and a teeny spot of each lady’s fave alcoholic indulgence:

Voila!  Perfection all around.  Thanks Etsy!

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The Ladies and Gents of Infinite Wisdom and Support, Part I

So you’re getting married.  Your thought process is probably something like this:  “Oh-my-god-I’m-engaged-oh-my-god-I-can’t-believe-it-oh-my-god-I-can’t-plan-a-wedding-by-myself-where-are-my-ladies/gents-they’ll-tell-me-it’s-okay-right?”

Okay, so maybe you’re a little more put together than I was.  Whatever.  Go organize your perfect wedding without a drop of sweat (or a tear).  You have skills of which the rest of us can only dream.

The rest of you, over here.

As I was saying, the thought of a wonderful big celebration is turns from exciting and lovely to frighteningly overwhelming quite quickly.  And how do you survive the stress?  You treat your support group WELL.  I don’t mean you have to buy them each a car and put them up in a 5-star hotel and feed them bonbons.  I mean really, seriously appreciate them for the moral and physical support they’ll provide for you.

We certainly didn’t think of everything in our wedding-planning haze, but we really wanted to cover our bases with our amazing buddies, so what follows is a checklist of bridal party things to consider.  Because we came up with a LOT of considerations, it will be presented in parts, complete with pictures (usually).

Part I:  In Which We Try To Avoid Texting the Request to Join Our Bridal Party

Invite them to share in the craziness/planning/love with care.  Show them how much they matter.  I called my best friends the second after he proposed, so they had a pretty good idea of their candidacy, but I still wanted to make it special.  Instead of texting the ladies (I can’t believe I’ve heard true stories about that), I sewed and beaded a little felt bird (pre-Lint and Lavender – fitting, huh?), stuffed it with a drop of fragrance, and sent it with a note requesting their presence and assistance with the crazy party.  Wish I had a picture, but I was obviously not thinking clearly at that point in the journey!  Apologies!  In its place is a picture of the best idea for a calendar I’ve ever seen.  Seems like it would have been a wonderful way to catalog my emotions leading up to the monster shindig.  Certainly would have garnered lots of laughs in a few years, I’m sure.  More “Ladies and Gents of Infinite Wisdom” to come soon.

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The Holiday Bandwagon

At encouragement from a friend, we’ve done it.  We’ve adventured beyond our comfort zone and…shhhh!…employed our little birds in the elves’ holiday assembly line.  Just kidding!  We respect their trade union contract.  They’re actually the superstars of our new twig ornaments and tree toppers!  Hope you like them!  (And their lawyers don’t mind.)  What?  It’s Friday evening and I’ve been staring at felt for a long time.  I’m allowed to get goofy, right?  For real, though, we hope you like them!

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