Never thought I’d be a bride, so when I was asked to marry, I took a long time to get used to the idea. I still get a little seasick thinking about white tulle and rhinestones, so (now) husband and I decided to hand make most everything for our own wedding out of natural, locally purchased, beautifully non-synthetic materials.

We had a pile of handmade wool felt boutonnieres and stitched cake toppers when we realized that we could offer our collection to others with a similar aesthetic sense. Lint & Lavender was born!

Hope you enjoy sneak peaks of our new work, as well as inspiration for those less-than-barbie brides. Weddings can be stunning AND earthy. So there.


2 Responses to About

  1. eva lum says:


    I saw your cake toppers on Etsy. I was wondering how heavy the cake toppers weigh? Do you know if they would they stay afloat on a mousse-type wedding cake?

    Can you also advise how long the process is from the order placement to delivery?

    We are holding our wedding in BC – Canada. Are you aware if Canada Customs have ever held back the shipment as you are using actual twigs?



  2. Hi Eva!

    The cake toppers may be a bit too heavy to sit freely on mousse, but we have developed a pie/soft cake topper adjustment that we are about to put in our Etsy shop! (You caught us early!) The kit involves three tiny holes drilled into the bottom of the base of the topper, and three skinny wooden dowels that can be cut to the height of your cake or pie, so that the base is supported by the dowels.

    We have shipped multiple times to Canada, and haven’t had an issue with customs holding back a shipment. On the customs form, we list our cake topper as “merchandise” and “handmade wooden cake topper,” and include an invoice for the declared amount. We don’t know if our items have been audited, but each made it to its destination without harm or delay, so far!

    Feel free to contact us at lintandlavender@gmail.com, and we’ll be able to discuss your specific situation and find a solution!

    Thanks so much for your interest!
    Molly of Lint & Lavender

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