Bird & Twig Tree Topping Stars

Each year, the holidays seem more commercialized – so much so that I’ve heard from friends who have sworn off gift giving altogether out of disgust for the shameless salesmanship presented at every turn. I can’t quite go that far – I adore finding the perfect (usually handmade) gift for my loved ones, and by far, my favorite tradition is the bringing of a tree into your home.

Stemming from age-old solstice celebrations, the evergreen is a reminder that despite the dwindling light, spring will return again. According to Wikipedia, the European pagans that first celebrated evergreens in the darkest season wouldn’t be caught dead defacing one, much less chopping it down, so the Christmas tree tradition is actually a lot younger than I thought. Think 16th century Germany instead of Stonehenge era.

Regardless, I somehow find justification to side-step my usually nature-friendly tendencies, stop by a friendly local car-dealer’s seasonal Christmas tree stand, and bring the sweet-smelling product of years of tender care into my living room. Nothing quite matches the feeling at night when all the other lights in the house are turned off in preparation for bed, but the tree is still glimmering, just daring you to end the magical moment and dim it too.

Which is why I adore my husband’s tree topping star invention. Growing up, we had our series of angels and stars, including one ceramic one made by myself or my brother in a pottery class which was much to heavy for the top of the tree. One day last year, though, while I was toiling away with my felt birds, Jared turned to me with a beautiful, five-pointed, copper-wired tree star, and asked me if I could put a little bird on it.

It is just as rough hewn as the tree itself, but lends a sense of whimsy to our tree.  It’s wonderful to look up at it and imagine the little bird filled with pride for finding the perfect perch. We’re making them to order, too, if the sentiment and style matches yours.  You can find them in our shop HERE, or email us to request a custom order.


About lintandlavender

Never thought I'd be a bride, so when I was asked to marry, I took a long time to get used to the idea. I still get a little seasick thinking about white tulle and rhinestones, so future husband and I have decided to hand make most everything for our own wedding out of natural, locally purchased, beautifully non-synthetic materials. We had a pile of handmade wool felt flowers and whittled wooden cake toppers when we realized that we could offer our crafts to others with similar aesthetics and less time. Lint & Lavender was born! Hope you enjoy sneak peaks of our new work, as well as inspiration for those less-than-barbie brides. Weddings can be stunning AND earthy. So there.
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2 Responses to Bird & Twig Tree Topping Stars

  1. Corey Watson says:

    Are you still making these twig/bird tree toppers?? I LOVE THEM!! Please email me and let me know. I’d love to purchase one. Thank you!

  2. Alicia Mishinski says:

    Might you still have these available, or directions on how to make the star? I’m having trouble finding either, and would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you!

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