The Holiday Bandwagon

At encouragement from a friend, we’ve done it.  We’ve adventured beyond our comfort zone and…shhhh!…employed our little birds in the elves’ holiday assembly line.  Just kidding!  We respect their trade union contract.  They’re actually the superstars of our new twig ornaments and tree toppers!  Hope you like them!  (And their lawyers don’t mind.)  What?  It’s Friday evening and I’ve been staring at felt for a long time.  I’m allowed to get goofy, right?  For real, though, we hope you like them!


About lintandlavender

Never thought I'd be a bride, so when I was asked to marry, I took a long time to get used to the idea. I still get a little seasick thinking about white tulle and rhinestones, so future husband and I have decided to hand make most everything for our own wedding out of natural, locally purchased, beautifully non-synthetic materials. We had a pile of handmade wool felt flowers and whittled wooden cake toppers when we realized that we could offer our crafts to others with similar aesthetics and less time. Lint & Lavender was born! Hope you enjoy sneak peaks of our new work, as well as inspiration for those less-than-barbie brides. Weddings can be stunning AND earthy. So there.
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1 Response to The Holiday Bandwagon

  1. inger says:

    love these…i need one!

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