Featured in Etsy Finds

This is so exciting!  I was just tooling around, checking stats, renewing Etsy postings, trying to figure out whether people were into our stuff today, and lo and behold, we’ve got oodles of views and then BING!  A sale!  We take great care in constructing our items, so the price reflects that and we move them slowly but consistently as we’ve been building our fan base.  We already had a sale this week, so this sale was icing on the cake!  (Literally!  Ha!  Ahem, excuse me.) I rush over to Craftopolis.com (if you’re an Etsian and haven’t discovered this trove of statistical goodness, I highly recommend that you drop everything and do it now!), and nothing seems to explain the extra attention – no treasury features, nothing.  On Etsy’s homepage, purely by accident, I see a link to this “Outdoor Weddings” article by Glamour.com writer Kimberly Fusaro, and bingo – there we are, featured and linked sweetly in the “Whimsical Fall Weddings” section.

Oh my goodness.  I’m beside myself.  There we are!  Someone likes us!  Our work is worthy!  Wow.  If you’re getting married (or just want to look at pretty things), this article is la creme de la creme, so grab a hanky and get ready to drool.  I’m thinking I’m gonna shop there myself in a minute or two, just…hang on a sec…gotta pick my jaw up from the ground…


About lintandlavender

Never thought I'd be a bride, so when I was asked to marry, I took a long time to get used to the idea. I still get a little seasick thinking about white tulle and rhinestones, so future husband and I have decided to hand make most everything for our own wedding out of natural, locally purchased, beautifully non-synthetic materials. We had a pile of handmade wool felt flowers and whittled wooden cake toppers when we realized that we could offer our crafts to others with similar aesthetics and less time. Lint & Lavender was born! Hope you enjoy sneak peaks of our new work, as well as inspiration for those less-than-barbie brides. Weddings can be stunning AND earthy. So there.
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